I put down my pencil and sigh—a three hour exam is done. Only one more exam to go until I am a graduate, with a Bachelors of Science in Equestrian Studies. The road has been complicated, as all journeys are, but ultimately You have made it worthwhile. In graduating, I face multiple finals. Final exams. … Continue reading Finals



A couple weeks ago I was charged with keeping a secret—a coworker lied to management about why she quit. I was the only one she told. The average person wouldn’t blink at such a petty lie (it wasn’t even necessary in the first place after all). I am not average though. In mentioning it with … Continue reading Secrets


This time of year is one of my favorites, simply because I have an excuse to buy people presents. I tend to trickle shop for people throughout the year, compiling gifts until an occasion arises to give them—or I sprinkle them spontaneously during the year as I acquire them. As I have grown up, my … Continue reading Presents


Abba, I am overwhelmed. I have so incredibly much that I am grateful for. Two years ago I resented this time of the year (see Holidays). The copious amounts of anger generated from the Depression fueled rants and broodings. My discontent came from my own insecurities—my sense of worth (or lack thereof). So what I … Continue reading Thankful


I firmly believe that the vast majority of people should work retail at some point in their lives. That majority includes (mostly) Americans—and other such entitled first world countries. But we shouldn’t have to deal with that hassle, you might think. That is below me. My rights say I don’t have to do anything I … Continue reading Retail