Today I let my little man (Monte) off lead in the arena, and he surprised me. He elected to follow me to where I sat instead of immediately evaluating the handsome mirror horse. As I leaned on the horse ball in the middle of the arena, Monte dropped his head, stomped at flies, and stayed … Continue reading Return



I unclip my colt (Monte)'s halter in the arena, gently pulling it off of his face. As he realizes he is free to explore, he perks up, confidently strides out to meet the handsome horse across the arena--his reflection. He whinnies and the other horse whinnies back. He pricks his ears forward and the other … Continue reading Mirror


Here I sit--I am getting certified in Faith Based Equine Assisted Learning. I should be overjoyed (and I am excited), but I find an opposing emotion churning within me--melancholy. While I understand it, I cannot justify it. I get to attend as a participant, not needing to help behind the scenes. And I am struggling … Continue reading Belong


In writing this blog, I had a plan to both be open and honest and to write on a new topic every post. I long to reflect personal encounters in life, but I somehow overlooked an aspect of that--life is scored with recurring themes and thoughts. So I will not worry if I am repeating … Continue reading Blog


Last Saturday I graduated from college with a bachelors of science in equestrian studies. While I am proud of this academic accomplishment, I am more impacted by the life lessons You taught me throughout the past three and a half years. The themes of Baccalaureate were perseverance and celebration. Part of me questions the perseverance … Continue reading Graduation