I tentatively stretch out my foot,

Placing it inches in front of me

To begin pulling up the root

That forbade me to become free.

I pull my foot from the ground

To stumble forward a pace,

Tripping on the past that bound

Me to this confining place.

Picking myself up I try again

To reach my foot into a stride

So I may escape where I have been

And step away from the part of me that died.

I fumble forward into an awkward jog,

Learning to steady myself alone

So that I may emerge from that fog

To bid farewell to all that I have known.

Strength begins to grow within,

Giving power to stretch into a run,

And I fly past all of the din

To see the first rays of the sun.

Sprinting, I leave this life behind,

All that I once believed was me,

In order that I might find

Now, only now, I am free.

“I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments.”  ~Psalm 119:45


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