Mountain Ridge

I walk along the mountain ridge,

Watching eagles soar through the never ending sky.

Stretching out I run across the bridge

To the freedom where I can fly.

The earth extends forever,

Displaying Your beautiful creation for me to see,

And I glory at all the chains You sever

So I may become who You created me to be.

I fly across the ground,

Looking up as the sky consumes my vision,

Until my feet cease to pound

Due to the earth’s incision.

I am falling, racing towards the deep

Where I crash into the dark.

Alone and afraid, Despair begins to seep

Into my soul to smother the lark

That sang and flew along the mountain top.

Stumbling, I draw myself up to standing,

Seeking out a source of light I drop

To the ground, too much of my body demanding.

I am stranded in this valley,

I am encased in black,

The aspects of fear continue to tally,

And I can see all that I lack.

The darkness exposes my flaws,

Whispering twisted truths into my heart,

And I find it draws

Despair and Pride onto its dart.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I shall fear no evil…”

And I take in a breath,

Initiating and upheaval

Against the Enemy who snares,

Locking me in battle against myself;

So I become one who dares

To thrust him down onto hell’s shelf.

You provide strength to climb the mountain’s face,

Scaling up past all of his traps,

So I may finish the race,

Yet pay no heed to the world’s claps.

Solely for You I ascend to the crest,

Seeking the beauty You desire in my life,

Reaching for that envied best

Outside of the range of his Strife.

So I set out for that mountain ridge,

Longing for that endless sky.

From here to You runs the bridge

I must cross to reach the freedom to fly.

“…for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” ~Psalm 23: 4


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