Another Beginning

Here is to another year. I stand at the beginning of sophomore year, staring into its inviting face, eager to discover what it will bring for me. I picture new adventures, repeats of old adventures from last year, exciting new faces, new people, new friends. I cannot anticipate the joy to come–yet there is something more… something holding me back. There is a twinge of pain, as if in my excitement I hastily passed over something. Yes, I see it now, it is an ending. In my haste to grab ahold of a beginning, I overlooked an ending. I overlooked the goodbyes that should have made me weep. Those goodbyes faded into mere whispers, faint tears spotting my vision.

I am anticipating all that will come, but now see I must never rush out of one thing into another. My running has rushed me out of beautiful things I was too distracted and unhappy in to see. So I stand at this crossroads of beginning and end, with only one way to go, and turn to begin my new journey, glancing back at the end to remind myself.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” ~Philippians 4:13


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