I fish for answers, attempting to reel in the words I desire to hear. Slowly at first I set the bait, carefully placing my words on the hook to lure the person in. Once I have the attention of the desired fish, I troll them along, appearing to have valid and true intentions. They never dream of the possibility that I have more in mind that what they see. And then it is too late, I have them on my hook, pulling them along the pat I have planned, and they begin to wonder how they have arrived here. My words thread through their check and they have no easy escape. I reel them in out of the water, disorienting them as they find they are no longer in their known environment. They are left to thrash and flail, struggling to find the correct response that earns their release. I direct their efforts to the answer I long to hear, releasing them into a tank where they falsely believe they are free, but are truly manipulated into abiding by my guidelines. Once caught they are unknowingly trapped exactly where I want them. I toy with them to receive my answers, but if they guess my game or provide undesired honest responses, I forcibly throw them back into the open water. My plan foiled, I panic and retreat to my own comfort away from the treacherous,  unpredictable waters. I backtrack until I am sure they once again do not suspect me of baiting them on, but simply see me as my projection.

“Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from the evil one.” ~Matthew 5:37

via Daily Prompt: Fish


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