Oh how lofty my thoughts and actions I am predisposed to believe I am naturally inclined to such loftiness, but my fishing illuminates the truth of my inner Darkness, murmured into existence by the Enemy. And suddenly the illusion is shattered—I am falling from the clouds, clearly seeing the direction I am heading. My brutal destruction is impending, for my fall is too long and high to allow self-salvation or hope of survival, albeit permanently altered. The ground races closer, growing and revealing details I had not noticed before. The ground is covered by the people I have fished answers from, their faces turned up towards me, watching my descent.

The crowd screams for justice and recompense—my utter destruction. But a gentle whisper offers an escape from my despair. It says only through truth, repentance, and forgiveness can I be free of my Darkening trajectory. I wrestle with this offer—do I humble myself and experience such shame in undeserved redemption, or do I protect my pride and reach complete destruction? Time runs short as I can distinguish the eye color of those staring me down, awaiting my decision. The ground reaches up to enfold me and the trees enclose me in absolute Darkness.

I open my eyes and the grace and mercy overwhelm the shame I feel. The Light pierces my Darkness and I slowly remember my decision. My Pride dissolves into ashes and Humility floods into every aspect of my being, granted by the Light and those who mercifully caught me from my fall from lofty thinking.

“He uncovers mysteries hidden in darkness; he brings light to the deepest gloom.” ~Job 12:22

via Daily Prompt: Lofty


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