I sit here, staring at a screen, facing a juxtaposition of You and Lust.

You call, You beckon, You whisper my Name. I see how You love me merely by Your existence, amplified by Your words and actions. All around You beauty flourishes and refuses to fade. You are crowned by Your own splendor, displaying a visage of power and compassion simultaneously, which may melt the most contemptuous heart. No combination of words may begin to depict the awe-inspiring countenance before me.

My Lust appears beside You, dripping with hopes and promises. He holds my attention, illuminating the car I desire, the home décor imagined in my future, the refined items of this world, the boyfriend I desperately crave, the American Dream. He leads me into his hold, showing me how soft blankets, warm fires, comfortable beds, and tender caresses will lead to happiness. He manifests in others to escort me from one pleasure to the next. By his side I see the image of myself I wish for, how I may improve my physicality to increase attraction, the temporary qualities of a significant other that are demanded for me, and how I may rule the world.

Snared between two potentials, I am abandoned by reason. One promises quiet, undemanding beauty, while the other thrusts itself into my view, blocking my sight and flaunting its promises.

For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world.” ~ 1 John 2:16

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum


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