I am surrounded by that which is ridiculous. People all sharing one goal—to learn—separating themselves from one another due to the unknown. Unwilling to leave their comfort zone to simply be human and interact. I fall prey to this game as well, preferring to sit by myself in an open row rather than risk sitting next to someone and be labeled as “weird,” or be rejected by that person. I long to break away from this consuming ritual and refuse to worry about the opinions of others as defining who I am. My identity is in You, reserving always for me acceptance, security, and significance, unalterable by the opinion or words of any person or group of persons.

So I strive to cling to Your Love alone, breaking out of the snares of my own mind and showing such courage as to defy the conventions of this place. You love so recklessly that I am motivated to mirror and exemplify such reckless Love to those around me. More than that, I long for a genuineness that is lacking from relationships here. This deceit manifests through a lack of interactions, through lies, through apathy. Apathy is one of the great mind-killers, preventing all thoughts outside of the self. I refuse to allow apathy to take hold of and control my mind. Even if I stand alone, I stand. And after I have done everything, I stand.

“Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” ~ Romans 12:9

via Daily Prompt: Cling


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