How can I resist the normal, human reactions of emotion? How can I prevent them from running my life? Are they wrong? I do not believe they are wrong, but hold the potential to lead into what is wrong. How I manage them and accept them determines whether or not they have progressed too far. If I allow my desire to fall into lust of the flesh, it has gone too far. If I pity myself in the face of rejection, my hope was not founded on Truth. If I stumble into daydreams, I permit fantasy to overtake reality. If hope of this earth consumes my mind, it has evolved into lust of the heart. My desires are human, and I am made in Your image; therefore, not all of my desires are evil. Emotions are indeed a gift.

The smile that engulfs the child’s face as he tries vanilla ice cream for the first time. The sobs that draw two friends into a hug that relieves the pain of a breakup. The rage that distorts a man’s face because of the injustices dealt to the homeless. The surprise radiating from the wife whose husband unexpectedly returned home early from war. The shame that conveys to the injured how the offender truly regrets what hurt the other so deeply. All of these are beautiful experiences to be embraced.

I am to take captive every thought and submit them to You. I am to resist the Devil and he will flee. I am to reject my sinful nature every moment, living in the truth that because of Christ I am a saint. And with this comes beauty and holiness. I accept these emotions as gifts from You, able to be managed by Your power vested in me. I accept the swarming emotions that come with developing feelings for someone, realizing that for the first time I like someone for who he is, not who he could be.

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.” ~ Hebrews 10:23

via Daily Prompt: Resist


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