The sun sets over the rims, casting evening shadows and impeccably highlighted features. I capture a picture, but it does Your creation no justice, merely a shadow of reality. The sunlight warms my back as I clamber up the bluff, bringing with it sweat—welcome evidence of my exertion. I focus on one rock, one section of dirt at a time—I am at the top, heart pounding, short of breath, exhilarated. The landscape holds no equal, and it seizes my attention, ripping my thoughts away from petty concerns.

People come here to run with their dogs, play Frisbee golf, or bond with a significant other. I am here for time alone with You. While these other options tempt, I know Your time is best, and so I wait and glory in the scenery of this season. As I hike down the path to return home after a quality hike, I pause—cool crisp air caresses my face, bringing the scent of dew and rain. The air enveloping me whispers promise of growth, beauty, and restoration—I am overwhelmed.

“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!” ~ Psalm 113:3


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