I am guilty of falling back into the patterns of resentment and bitterness. A young, growing woman (seeking no more than to live out her vision of ideal) got under my skin—I felt undermined, disrespected, and discredited. Instead of communicating these feelings initially (as a mature adult should), I locked into the challenge—prove myself and … Continue reading Bitterness



I have been struggling as of late. I have been emotional and anxious. I do well, and then I explode. I know the anger is fear masquerading as a more "acceptable" emotion. And I am so fearful of what lurks beneath the outbursts that I do not allow myself to feel whatever lies there. Through … Continue reading Company


As a past victim of Depression and Anxiety, I frequently saw quotes about the illnesses--suggesting a plethora of statements to agree with. Some quotes sum up to needing more faith to be healed--enraging me. Some quotes sum up to encouraging people to remain victims--disturbing me. Some quotes enable self-pity and wallowing--dismaying me. Recently, I re-encountered … Continue reading Mistaken

What If

I’m going to play a dangerous game: What If? Bear with me as this game is purely hypothetical and may be merely wishful thinking. But here’s to hoping. I look around myself, taking in the spring sunlight hitting the trees, the road, the snow banks, the dog walking in front of me. I am struck … Continue reading What If