Too fast—grinding and rumbling. I am greeted with metal on metal as I drive around town. All had been going well, no problems, but then one day I am caught off guard by something very wrong—and there is danger of not slowing down or stopping in time to prevent catastrophe. Cars, right? Always causing grief … Continue reading Brake


The sun sets over the rims, casting evening shadows and impeccably highlighted features. I capture a picture, but it does Your creation no justice, merely a shadow of reality. The sunlight warms my back as I clamber up the bluff, bringing with it sweat—welcome evidence of my exertion. I focus on one rock, one section … Continue reading Hike


I sleep with my window open for the fresh air that blows in, and last night I was lulled to sleep by the most refreshing sound: raindrops. They patter down on the cars, pavement, rooftop, and leaves, growing into puddles and flowing gently down the gutters and hills. I find the sound comforting—the clouds wrapping … Continue reading Rain