A discussion recently addressed being like a child to enter Your kingdom, and it generated a list of qualities describing a humble child. The word that entered my mind as most applicable--hope. Humble children are hopeful. In observing young children compared to teenagers, I am struck with a transition indicating growing up--settling. As life washes … Continue reading Settling



I used to disdain Valentine’s Day, regarding it with contempt because of the absolute sense of loneliness it generated. My expectations growing up defined Valentine’s Day as a day reserved for validation, a day people would show me love--but it was never any more special than any other day. I was not popular by anyone’s … Continue reading Valentine


  Snow thinly coats the trees, dulling their deep green to gray. Clouds obscure the sky, fading the serene blue to gray. Subdued nature colors the snow, muting the brilliant white to gray. The dimmed environment creates two effects: paling of all, or high contrast. The environment feeds into my pre-existing emotions--extremes plague my mind … Continue reading Gray


I have no doubt in my mind that You designed me to counsel people and engage in therapeutic teaching. Personality tests scream therapist/counselor. My top Strengths Finder results are Restorative, Responsibility, Input, Connectedness, and Individualization. My top strength is solving problems (Fixer), followed by commitment and ownership, passion to know more, belief that everything has … Continue reading Counselor