Beloved, I have fallen (and am falling daily) for you--the Unexpected. I am playing the fool (by my overly logical standards). Falling, falling, falling Into feelings I never dreamt for myself. Every day brings a new component to this foreign feeling--being in love. One day it overwhelms-- uncontainable happiness overflows. One day it rests as … Continue reading Beloved



It does not come calmly, It does not come gently-- It arrives Deafeningly, Agonizingly, Catastrophically, Instantaneously. In its wake it leaves Pain rippling through spheres-- Immediate victims and The relationships extending from them (Victimizing as many as able). It tendrils throughout-- Pervading through the whispering lies The Enemy utters to divide (The house so it … Continue reading Chaos


  The old self in me desperately covets control--grasping for any method eliciting any semblance of it. The redeemed self looks to You--relinquishing the perception of control in favor of knowing Your goodness. And in a situation where I am not in control (as happens with more than one person)--not that any of us truly … Continue reading Grasping


I am a respect-based person. I strive to give every person the respect they deserve (or may not in some cases) and desire to be respected. Merriam-Webster defines respect as “high or special regard; the quality or state of being esteemed.” In my evening ponderings last night, I found that I define respect along the … Continue reading Respect


I unclip my colt (Monte)'s halter in the arena, gently pulling it off of his face. As he realizes he is free to explore, he perks up, confidently strides out to meet the handsome horse across the arena--his reflection. He whinnies and the other horse whinnies back. He pricks his ears forward and the other … Continue reading Mirror