Kitchen Sink

I don’t want to be around people right now—go away. Whether someone else is leaving or I am, the point is solitude/isolation (it is a fine line). This season is showing me that line—the division between work, school, and various church events has me juggling three lives (so it seems). Sometimes they overlap, reducing it … Continue reading Kitchen Sink



The greatest of these is love—thirteen. Entrenched within my identity two years ago was the belief that I was unlovable. I was not enough to deserve or receive love. I was only a disappointment—and who could love a disappointment? But through the past twelve reasons, You softened me to the point where I dared to … Continue reading Love


The air fills my lungs, generating an overflowing feeling: joyful, filling, redeeming, offering—Hope (twelve). I was well-acquainted with Despair, and he has the tendency to envelop and block sight of anything but himself and those who work most closely with him: Self-pity, Isolation, Loneliness, Doubt, Fear, Apathy. While he did his best to end me, … Continue reading Hope