It has taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that I am, by nature, a Fixer. My top Strength Finders is Restorative—I see problems and tune in on how to solve them. I am overwhelmed by motivation to restore something to its past or potential brilliance. Most often this translates to … Continue reading Fixer



Smooth lines carve intricate paths, layers, and designs into the red pines’ bark. Weathering turns edges brown, while recently exposed bark blending into a rusty brown. Wet snow touches all exposed surfaces, darkening the wood of the trees and weighing down branches with a heavy white. I step onto the deck, the humid winter air … Continue reading Carve

Growing Up

I fill out another application—the third in two weeks. Between upgrading a checking account (from student) and renewing my driver’s license with a new address, I am beginning to feel like a proficient adult. Paperwork imparts a sense of independence—upon completion without oversight—generating sentiments of growing up. This generation often refers to “adulting”—denoting a fulfilled … Continue reading Growing Up


In a world of self: Self-esteem Self-confidence, Self-preservation, Self-defense, Self-interest, Selfishness, I am encouraged to my own ends, Ignoring consequences for anyone else To gain the ultimate—Control. Control becomes our god— Driving us to reach after it At the expense of ourselves. It dances playfully at our fingertips, Ever-eluding our frantic grasp— Pulling us out … Continue reading Control


Since I am 21 and home for the holidays (after having completed college!!), people have begun asking about a significant other in my life—to which I always have to reply that there is none. Reactions vary person to person, with some just asking for courtesy’s sake and others clearly communicating disappointment at my continued singleness. … Continue reading Single


Of the five love languages, my top two are quality time and words of affirmation. Subsequently, I love notes—receiving and giving. My personal favorites to write completely fill the stationary I select with affirmations, gratitude for the person, thanking You for the opportunity to meet said person, memories, and hope for seeing them in the … Continue reading Notes